Health and Educational Needs Of Children With Disabilities: A HOLISTIC APPROACH

The aim of the Trust is to promote social inclusion of children with disability by changing the attitude and behavior of children with disability, their families and society at large.

Health and Educational Needs Of Children With Disabilities: A HOLISTIC APPROACH

The focus of activities continued to be working to support children with Special Needs. Support for 55 such children was marginally higher than the 50 children supported in the previous year.  Their need for Special schooling and medical assistance was completely supported by the Trust.  With a view to induce greater independence amongst these children, they were encouraged to travel by public transport.  The initial resistance from both parents and the children were overcome and they are substantially using public transport on their own now.


Our objective of supporting education of children with disability or coming from single parent, families or parent suffering from leprosy is to help children complete their education up to Std. X.  Some of the deserving and bright  students are also offered support for higher education.

Nayee - Muskaan our Pre -school initiative has completed three years. Children in the age group of 3 – 4 years are enrolled so that schooling begins at the appropriate age for these little children. Emphasis is laid upon developing verbal skills through picture reading, songs, stories, poetry etc. We found that children developed better language and communication skills through verbal expressions.
The children are also taught more of creative crafts using colors, clay, paper and waste materials.  Children get ample opportunity to enjoy both out - door  and indoor activities. Parents meetings are a regular feature of our Pre -School education program. Informative talks on ways of improving health of the children, mothers’ health, and family planning methods are conducted during the year. Regular health checkups of the children by eminent doctors are  also arranged during the year.

 WOMEN EMPOWERMENT                                                   

The emerging awareness amongst women in urban slums is the need to be economically independent and be able to contribute towards the family income. Self Help groups was found to be an ideal solution to this problem. Two Self Help Groups with 20 women in each  have been formed since  February 2009 in collaboration with MAVIM.  The members, many of them being the mothers of our children with disability have been able to avail short term loans to tide over financial difficulties.   Self Help groups have helped women to come together as  a cohesive force and become strong and visible.
The efforts to initiate entrepreneurial activities for women is our next focus so as to help women learn business skills, financial planning and be able to earn a far greater income than just be able to move within the save  and credit cycle. Skill training in the form of Tailoring has evoked a good response and a good opportunity for women to earn income from home.

The Involvement of the parent in the development of children is crucial. Towards this end monthly meetings were held with parents encouraging and enabling them to take active participation in their ward’s rehabilitation program. Parents attend regular meetings in schools,  take their child for extra - curricular activities like drama , dance, skating, swimming etc.  These initiatives also helped in moving forward a primary objective of encouraging these children to participate in co - curricular activities and thereby build on their confidence. 


With a view to help parents of children with disability and other needy women from the community, the Trust initiated formation of Self –Help Groups (SHGs).  As members of the group, they contribute a compulsory monthly savings creating a corpus for disbursement of funds for specific needs to be returned with applicable interest.  The two groups have collaborated with Maharashtra Arthik Vikas Mandal (MAVIM), a Government of Maharashtra initiative.
 SETTING UP A VISION CENTRE in I – Sector, Trombay

The Foundation in collaboration with Haji Bacchuali Ophthalmic Hospital Parel  has set up a Vision Centre in I- Sector Trombay. The Centre would cater to needy patients in and around Cheeta Camp, Trombay with Vision ailments.  The collaboration provides for regular treatment at the centre with provision of vision aids at concessional rates and surgical support through the Hospital. The centre is open every Monday with Doctors and other Technical staff in attendance.  Average patient intake at the centre is between 40 to 60 per week.  The Project is supported by Sight Savers International.


This program has been initiated in collaboration with NAZ Foundation with the adolescent girls of Abhinav Gyan Mandir School Trombay along with a few community girls so as to build LEADERSHIP SKILLS through the game of  NETBALL. Nearly 100  girls in the age group of  12 - 15 girls participate in this sport twice a week for one hour each day. Girls are also given training on issues concerning health, hygiene, HIV/ AIDS awareness and banking rules.

Four girls were selected for advanced training in NETBALL sport at YMCA.

The girls participate every Friday and Saturday. The combination of
physical exercises, a sport and life skill learning has had a positive
effect on the girls.


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