Fatima a young mother of three, out of whom one daughter Kulsum has Speech and Hearing Impairment. After many years of struggle when her husband was not being responsible and not bringing money regularly, Fatima was doing odd jobs in the community as a domestic servant.  Supported by the Foundation for her daughter's studies in  a Special  School, Fatima became a member of the Self - Help Group and started saving money regularly. Her husband was counselled and encouraged to take up a regular job, considering  the responsibility of raising  a family with a Special Child.

Seeing her confidence and grit to come up in life, she was offered a job in the School where her daughter studies.  Today she works as an Office Attendant in the School.

Devendra is a young man in his thirties and having Lower Limb Polio and uses Crutches and Calipers for his mobility. The orthopedic disability has not deterred the spirit of this young man to live life fully. Devendra rides a Tricycle to work which is nearly a kilometer and a half from his home .

Devendra after finishing his XII Std. enrolled for a Course in Computers at the Spastics Society of India’s National Job Development Centre in Chembur. After completing the course Devendra joined Precision Mechatronix Private Limited in Deonar. Devendra handles office correspondence and accounts at the office. In order to further his career and augment his income by taking up part time assignments, Devendra was keen on pursuing a course in 2 - D & 3 – D Animation. The Foundation lent financial support to complete this course and today Devendra is able to carry out job works from home in this newly learnt field.

SHUBHAM is 8 years old with Visual and Speech Impairment. Shubham lives in Govandi and has been enrolled at Matalaxmi School For the Blind at Sion. Shubham came to us when he was five years old. The mother Meera has been a strong support in the rehabilitation program since the initial days.

Three years ago Shubham was unable to walk as he had never walked on the road. He was always carried by the mother. Since Shubham has Speech Impairment too, communication with him is still very difficult. He responds to sounds and makes gestures to express his needs. Three years of Special schooling has helped Shubham to be more independent in his daily activities. He is able to walk on the road, climb staircases with out any fear as he has developed a much better concept of space. He has recently started undergoing Speech Therapy sessions at Ali Yavar Jung National Institute For Hearing Handicapped Bandra.

Shubham ’s mother Meera is a trained tailor. She had been stitching clothes earlier and expressed a desire to take up the work more actively to meet increasing family demands.  The Trust agreed to provide her with this support which has augmented the family income and has enabled her to meet critical financial situations.
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